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Welcome to The Evil Within!


TEW is a flourishing, level 25 guild and the oldest, surviving guild on the Greymane server. We have been recruiting mature, casual players of all levels and classes since 2005. We are not just a guild, we are a family.

Our main goal is to have fun while helping our guild brothers and sisters achieve their individual goals and, at the same time, working as a team to make TEW the best guild on Greymane. 

For questions, comments, or concerns, send HardDrive an in game email, or email me directly at HiGear21@gmail.com. If you have any ideas that could benefit the guild, please let us know via emails, forums or the suggestion box on the left panel. You can also visit us at The Evil Within on Facebook. 

Rules and Regulations: 

1. Players must be 18 years or older to join. 
2. Begging will not be tolerated in guild or out. For example, if you're witnessed begging in General Chat in Orgimmar, you will be removed promptly. Consider this your only warning. 
3. Treat everyone like you want to be treated. 
4. Be patient with others.
5. Don't take anything personal.
6. If it can be Googled, look it up. If it cannot be Googled, ask.
7. Be ready and on time to raids. On time, means 10-15 minutes before the raid begins. Ready, means buffed and ready to kick some ass! 
8. Know your raids, know your mobs. Research is smart! 

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